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How To Complete Asphalt Paving Repair In Meridianville, AL

How To Complete Asphalt Paving Repair In Meridianville, AL Posted on February 13, 2018

In Alabama, contractors install and maintain asphalt driveways for residential property owners. The installations lower the chances of auto accidents and make the properties more aesthetically pleasing. At the first sign of issues, the property owner must schedule asphalt driveway repairs quickly. A local contractor performs asphalt paving repair in Meridianville AL for homeowners now.

Manage All Debris

When asphalt is damaged, dirt and debris collect in the cracks. The contractor uses a pressure washer to remove all debris from the cracks properly. Any debris left behind prevents the patches from settling appropriately and leads to more damage. The contractor waits for the water to dry completely to prevent moisture buildup after repairs.

Eliminate Any Vegetation and Plants

Next, any weeds within the cracks are removed. Contractors use gardening tools to remove vegetation from cracks. Gardening hoes are thin enough to reach into the cracks without disturbing the existing asphalt.

Repairing Potholes in the Asphalt

The contractor uses a cold patch to repair potholes. The most common pothole patches measure about twelve inches by twelve inches and are one inch deep. The contractor makes adjustments when necessary.
Next, the contractor reviews the pothole and determines if they extend beyond the bottom portion of the asphalt. Next, the cold patch is poured directly into the pothole. Additional materials are added to correct the damage if the pothole extends beyond the bottom portion of the asphalt. The pothole is overfilled by at least one inch above the surface. The patch is compressed into the pothole until it is leveled completely.

Repairing Cracked Asphalt

The contractor pours the patching materials into the cracks. A squeegee is used to distribute the patching materials. All patch materials are pulled across a section of the asphalt measuring about one-fourth of an inch to create a smooth surface. After the patching material dries, a sealant top coat is applied. The sealant takes several hours to dry completely.

In Alabama, asphalt driveways present a great alternative for homeowners. Whenever the installations are damaged, prompt service is a must. Local contractors perform repairs for potholes and cracks that are common issues associated with asphalt. The repair services last up to several years without problems. Property owners who need to schedule Asphalt Paving Repair in Meridianville AL can Contact us and schedule an appointment right now.

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