Considerations for Choosing an Energy Efficient Lighting Services

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Electrical

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Lighting is a critical element in new home construction, and it can have a significant effect on a home’s energy consumption. Well-lit rooms carry with them numerous benefits; they can affect a family’s productivity, comfort, mood and health. With recent technological advances, homeowners have more lighting choices than ever. The EISA Act of 2007 requires new bulbs to be 25% more energy efficient, but even those clinging to old-school incandescent bulbs need to make choices. Below, homeowners will get some tips on shopping for energy-efficient lighting.

Bulb Shape

The shape of a light bulb determines the direction of lighting. For instance, a spiral-shaped omni-directional bulb will work well in ceiling pendants, and a candle-shaped bulb with wide range would work well in a portable fixture. In recessed lighting, reflectors with the correct beam width are appropriate. When choosing to light, take the time to choose the right shape for the application.


Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are now affordable enough that they pay themselves off within months. However, they aren’t always a great choice for those looking for dimming, cooler or instant light, but LED lighting is gradually overcoming such issues.

Where choosing Energy efficient lighting service is concerned, converting existing fixtures to LED is a great way to reduce overall carbon footprint. New options in LED lighting have a sturdy design and great color consistency, which makes LEDs ideal for most temperatures and interior uses.


When incandescent bulbs were the only option, wattage was a primary concern, but today’s bulbs require more consideration than just wattage. When choosing energy efficient lighting, homeowners should consider lumens as well, especially when buying LEDs.

In low-grid areas, replacing a 60-watt bulb with an equivalent amount of light requires a minimum of 800 lumens to match the old bulb. If a homeowner knows about lumens, they won’t end up buying energy-efficient bulbs that aren’t bright enough to use indoors.

There are many ways to make a home more eco-friendly, and lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to reduce a home’s carbon footprint. By considering bulb shape, brightness and value, homeowners can find the right Energy efficient lighting service for every room in the home. Homeowners who need efficient lighting installed should call Able Electrical Services, because We make scheduling appointments easy!

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