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Craftsman Doors – A Quick Overview

Craftsman Doors – A Quick Overview Posted on March 28, 2015

Sometimes it is difficult to be able to explain the exact door style that you like, but knowing the architectural style will help you make an intelligent decision. Craftsman doors have been popular since the later part of the 19th century and up to the 1930s. From this early style also came the Mission and the Shaker style of design, all known for a minimalist approach with clean lines and angles that highlight the form and the function of the door.

Elegance at a Glance

The elegance and simplicity of craftsman doors should never be confused with a plain door or a door that looks like a pre-fabricated door. Instead, these doors give a feeling of solidness and stability with subtle details that add to the overall design.

It is not uncommon for craftsman doors to have a series of smaller mullion type windows on the top third of the door. These can be in several shapes and often feature geometric glass designs that have a lower edge of a slight to more pronounced dentil shelf. The shelf can be customized to give a unique look to each door and to add that classic touch that really accents the décor in the home.

The traditional style of craftsman door features longer panels on the bottom two thirds of the door and a solid frame that is meant to blend into the overall design.

Finishing Options in Craftsman Doors

Traditionally, craftsman doors were left with a natural wood polish or stain to allow the wood to glow and give a welcoming appearance to the entrance. With today’s options, you can also select matching transoms and side lites to open up the door.

You can also select from an active side lite which will open outwards fully or where just the window panel opens. This gives you extra width to the door when needed and also provides you with the option to catch the breeze. With optional screens these are a great addition to any home to bringing in both cool air as well as amazing natural light into an entrance way.

The craftsman door is a good fit for many different types of homes. It can easily fit in with a modern home design or can equality look terrific with a more rustic or country style of home.

The craftsman door is a very versatile front door to any home. To see more design options visit us at You can also find us Facebook.

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