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Custody Lawyers in Katy, TX Stand Ready to Help You and Your Child

Custody Lawyers in Katy, TX Stand Ready to Help You and Your Child Posted on May 23, 2019

The court views children with a great deal of concern concerning their care and welfare. That is why lawyers work at mediating custody fights so they can realize effective solutions. Divorcing a spouse never is easy. That is why you need to have a legal advocate on your side who will make sure that everything turns out okay in the end.

Consulting with a Custody Lawyer

When you speak to custody lawyers in Katy, TX, you will be reviewing your options for custody given your situation. You may need to make some concessions to help both you and your child. Using the services of a lawyer will help you get through a tough emotional time.

Following the Code

The Texas family code section 154.004 standardizes a child’s best interests. By following this code, the court assesses the type of home environment offered by each parent. It also reviews the distance between the residences of parents and the capacity of each parent to serve as caretaker.

Making a Determination

Indeed, a lot of thought goes into resolving custody battles. That is why custody lawyers work diligently to ensure equitable settlements. By reviewing each parent’s budget and employment situation, they can measure the availability of each parent. Children are also asked about their preferences if they are 12 years or older.

Major Considerations

Custody lawyers know that each custody decision hinges on the following:

  • A child’s wishes
  • Any indications that a parent may be unfit, including the explanations
  • Each parent’s parenting skills
  • Programs that may be followed by parents
  • The stability of a residence
  • A child’s current and future emotional and physical needs
  • Any physical dangers that may be present

Where to Visit Online

You can learn more about all the aspects of child custody when you review specific information online. Take a look at for further details today.

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