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Different Methods of Weed Control In Spokane

Different Methods of Weed Control In Spokane Posted on October 24, 2018

One of the biggest problems that people face with their lawns is weeds, which can develop and spread at a very rapid rate. There are many different methods of getting rid of weeds, which means that you have to be selective. Many homeowners do not have much success when using over the counter methods, which is why they employ a professional lawn care company to handle the weed killing process for them. As soon as you start to notice that you have a problem with weeds, you need to call in a professional to assess which method of weed control in Spokane is right for your particular problem. The following are a few different types of Weed Control that may be used on your home.

Selective Herbicide

One of the most common methods used to kill weeds is called a selective herbicide. This particular herbicide will only target the weeds for extermination instead of killing everything around it in the process. In most cases, these types of herbicides are great for on the spot treatments and should be sprayed directly on the weed. The more you use this treatment on your weeds, the better the outcome will be.

Non Selective Herbicides

Another commonly used method of getting rid of pesky weeds on your lawn is the non-selective herbicide. The non-selective herbicide is a type of chemical that will not only kill the weeds, but everything around them as well. This means that your grass and flowers may be caught in the crossfire, which will lead to the dead patches in your lawn. The best way to reduce the damage that can be done by this particular herbicide is by spraying the solution directly on top of the weed instead of blanketing the area that they weed is in.

Bio Control

Another common method of weed control is called bio control, which is the use of parasites to get rid of these pesky plants. These parasites will attack the weeds and eat them, which will significantly reduce the amount of weeds in your yard. Although this method is a bit more expensive than herbicides, it is also highly effective and usually only takes a few treatments to get rid of the weeds in your yard. You need to seek the advice of a professional lawn care company to make sure that this method is okay to use on your grass.

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