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Dining In A Japanese Hibachi Restaurant Is Entertaining And Healthy

Dining In A Japanese Hibachi Restaurant Is Entertaining And Healthy Posted on October 5, 2016

If you’ve ever ordered a meal at a Japanese restaurant, you know the experience is a pleasant change from traditional American cuisine. Unlike most food establishments, the chef at a Japanese Hibachi will prepare the food right at your table. There’s no guessing what was added to your entree or how long the food was cooked. Everything from chopping vegetables to sauteing rice and grilling the meat is done in your presence.

Until you’ve actually experienced hibachi-style cooking, it’s difficult to appreciate all the skill and details involved in this fine art. Teppanyaki is the name of the cooking method used in preparing dishes at most hibachi restaurants. It involves bringing out the natural flavours in your food, so it’s not unusual for only a handful of common seasonings to be included in a meal. Since part of the fun is enjoying food cooked on a hot grill, it’s okay to consume appetizers before the main dish is complete.

The Amazing Volcano Onion

While the entire cooking process is a fun event, watching the volcano onion trick is a favourite among dinner guests. It involves slicing and stacking onion rings of various sizes on a grill. Oil and soy sauce are then added to create the appearance of smoke and lava.

Enjoy a Healthy Meal that Tastes Great

Japanese food not only tastes great, but it has many extra health benefits when compared to a typical Western diet. Red meat is only consumed in moderation, Instead, most meals contain a healthy serving of vegetables and fish. This is good for both your heart and waistline.

Green tea is a popular beverage served with meals. Although it does have caffeine, it contains much less than a standard cup of coffee. The best part of green tea is its digestive properties that help break down fats in your diet.

Sushi is a staple at Japanese Hibachi restaurants. Though there are many different varieties, fish, rice and rice vinegar are the common ingredients. Eating sushi is known to decrease bad cholesterol and help lower blood pressure too.

When you’re hungry for the exquisite taste of Japanese cuisine, visit to learn more about their delicious menu items. Located in Diberville, Osaka’s sushi and other fine Japanese entrees are some of the best in the area. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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