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Discover the Importance of Brand Reputation Monitoring

Discover the Importance of Brand Reputation Monitoring Posted on August 7, 2018

If you own a business, you might already know that around 20 hours of each week can go to your marketing efforts. While you may be able to justify so many hours because marketing also means growing your customer base, it can really interfere with product development and other types of business growth. This can become even more of a difficulty when you realize that marketing is expanding constantly. Today it is about more than advertising and includes mobile marketing, SEO for your website, and even brand reputation monitoring or management.

In fact, it is that latter that is such a crucial component of online success, and yet many firms or business owners remain a bit unaware of its importance.

What Is Reputation Monitoring?

A recent article in Entrepreneur said this, “If people are talking about you and your business online, you want to know about it… it’s important to monitor your online reputation. Gaining the trust of consumers will make or break your company.”

Furthermore, the article points out that reviews and word of mouth are ideal forms of trust, but that it is vital to monitor what others say to promote the good reviews and do whatever you can (i.e. make amends) to combat the negative reviews for overall control of your online presence.

Now, we can hear you sighing, and saying “How much time is that going to require?” After all, that same article says you’ll need to set Google Alerts, find any number of apps or sites that help monitor comments or issues, and even use resources like the BBB to help with any problems. Then, you need to take the time to address those issues. So, you were right to sigh and wonder about all the hours this will take. It can seem endless… But that’s why there are strong reputation management companies out there.

Find Better Answers

The good news is that there are now better ways of handling reputation monitoring and management with sophisticated software applications. Not only can you quickly respond to positive comments (engagement is incredibly important), but you can also count on the best solutions to help you request reviews from authentic clients and disperse positive ratings to key areas of the web.

LotVantage, for example, has built very innovative software that allows you to do everything required for optimal reputation management from a single, cohesive dashboard. With their unique software and innovative solutions, you can grow your audience even in the face of such demanding issues as reputation management, social media engagement, and much more. To find out more info, browse their site Website URL. You can follow them on Instagram.

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