Eliminate Piping Problems With Expert Plumbing in Quincy MA

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Plumbing

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A clogged drain can cause a variety of problems. The most obvious are water flooding back into the home because the drain is clogged and it has nowhere else to go. Unfortunately, this gunk can leave a nasty mess and if left long enough could result in the replacement of stained or soil damaged materials. The bad thing is, this type of problem might be avoidable if the homeowner is paying attention. Problems with slow sewer lines or poorly draining septic systems are usually visible by the way the liquid exits the receptacle. Keep an eye on the bath or toilet when draining them because they are great indicators of how the drains are working. A slow draining tub often means that the pipes have a clog, and they will eventually need expert Plumbing in Quincy MA.

Other areas where clogs can be a problem is the P-traps. These are those funny looking ‘U’ or ‘S’ shaped pipes found close to the drain. The purpose of the P-traps is to prevent or ‘trap’ any sewer gases outside the home. Unfortunately, the crook used to hold water and block the return of gas can also accumulate dirt, food, hair and other debris which blocks the flow of sewage. The solution is simple. Remove the P-traps and clean out any garbage found inside them. The trick is to replace the traps without stripping any threads on the existing pipe. Since these components are usually made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), they are fairly easy to damage. Crossed or stripped threads mean the pipe joints won’t seal properly and may leak waste or water. Plumbing in Quincy MA can help by cleaning the traps and ensuring that everything is properly installed.

There are no decent plumbing problems. In fact, most plumbing tasks are quite dirty, and many can be very frustrating. This is why it pays to contact an expert. An experienced plumber like those found at Drain Remedy Inc. can make most repairs look simple. Plus, a plumber with training in multiple areas has enough accumulated skills to handle a variety of other concerns. For example, they are able to fix broken water mains, damaged sewer lines and almost any other piping problem the home may have.

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