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Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Waldorf for a Safe Home

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Waldorf for a Safe Home Posted on September 7, 2016

Thunderstorms, faulty pipes and washing machine overflows are just a few of the ways a home can become flooded. When excess water damage occurs, immediate action is crucial. The time it takes for help to arrive can make the difference between a structure with minimal damage or one that requires major repairs. Companies that provide fast, around-the-clock service, are a necessity when it comes to flooding. An Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Waldorf can provide immediate assistance to limit the amount of destruction and avoid excessive cleanup costs.

Immediate Action Can Prevent Mold Growth

During a flood, water flows quickly through a home, causing destruction to everything in its path. Water that seeps into flooring and walls can be very difficult to remove and may result in serious damage. Furniture that becomes wet can warp or crack if not treated in a timely manner. A fast response time is not only important for salvaging belongings, but it’s also essential to eliminate the possibility of mold growth.

Access Cleanup Costs

After an emergency restoration team arrives, an assessment should be done to estimate the amount of water damage. This will provide the homeowner with a good idea of what the cleanup services will cost. Residents should be very careful around appliances and gas lines which can cause an electrical shock if still wet. If there are any water leaks inside the home, they must be repaired before the Water Damage Restoration Service in Waldorf begins.

Fast Water Extraction Limits Additional Damage

Major weather events, including hurricanes, may require standing water to be extracted prior to attempting to salvage any belongings. Once all of the excess water has been removed, the critical drying process can begin. Furniture, flooring, and walls must all be dried out to prevent mold from forming. Clothing and other personal items should be thoroughly cleaned and dried to avoid contamination.

Hire an Experienced Restoration Service

When flooding occurs, you need the help of a professional cleanup crew. Since 2005, Service Master has provided water damage restoration to the Central Maryland region. Their knowledgable staff specializes in drying, cleaning and restoring homes to their original status. For more information about the restoration process or to learn about the other services they offer, visit

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