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Ensure Your HVAC Has Quality Ducts and Installation by a Professional

Ensure Your HVAC Has Quality Ducts and Installation by a Professional Posted on August 11, 2020

Heating and cooling your home can be a big job and you have many choices of appliances to handle the task. For instance, you could elect to use a split or ductless AC. This system works by channeling the refrigerant to different zones in the home. Each zone has its cooling unit and each unit can be controlled individually. This means that you can set one area to a specific temperature while other areas are warmer or cooler as desired. The precise control of a ductless air conditioner could save your household money while still allowing your family to enjoy the comfort of treated air.

Of course, the most common system installed in modern homes is HVAC in Chicago. This is a centralized unit that requires air ducts and installation is done by professionals. Air ducts are generally run in the attic because this is the easiest place to lay them. Unfortunately, not all homes have enough space to properly run this ductwork so the installer needs to get creative. It is possible to run just enough air duct to reach the required rooms or the technician may need to fit custom ducts in place. Since every job is different, the contractor will need to evaluate them individually.

One alternative to the standard duct system is high-velocity air ducts. These ducts and installation services are different because the air ducts are small pipes that can easily fit in the wall spaces. High-velocity ducts are usually about two inches in diameter and flexible enough that they require fewer splices. This allows the contractor to create a very reliable air supply system which has a reduced chance of losing your treated air. Plus, it improves efficiency by getting the heated or cooled air into the rooms quicker. This reduces heat loss on the furnace side of the loss of treated air from the AC.

The HVAC system is generally installed in an attic, but it may also be encased in a custom closet that is centrally located in the home. This location can be important because it reduces the number of air ducts required to carry the treated air. This is important for overall efficiency which keeps your bills low. One other reason for selecting the attic is lower construction costs. Installing in an attic requires less finish work because the AC doesn’t need to be hidden.

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