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Expertise and Quality Products Brings Solutions to Lebanon, IN

Expertise and Quality Products Brings Solutions to Lebanon, IN Posted on September 3, 2021

Farmers and agricultural professionals seeking agricultural service, know the power of cooperative efforts. Service is the cornerstone of making the lives of our customers easier and our communities more vibrant.

Areas of Service

Regardless of the need, the cooperative is there to provide help and information. Services available include the following areas:

Propane: The highest quality propane is provided by more than a utility company.

Energy: Quality fuels and lubricants for local farmers and businesses are the lifeblood of the community.

Agronomy: Farming is a dynamic pursuit and staying up with the technology is made easier with multiple agronomy locations.

Grain: Grain handling and marketing services are designed for the success of a range of customers.

Animal nutrition: Quality feeds ensure healthy animals to market.

• And more

The Value of Cooperating

A cooperative works because it delivers on its primary goal — service. It thrives by adhering to a mission that yields:

• Leadership with people and technology

• Growth that brings profitability

• Repaying and giving locally

The bedrock of any cooperative is its ability to act for the larger group of customers and provide buying clout and greater selling power.

Finance Opportunities

A cooperative invests in its member-owners by providing:

• Co-alliance financing

• Partner programs

• And more

Call Today

For more information about agricultural service in Lebanon IN, and Co-Alliance, visit them online at Click on the Contact tab to use the convenient online question or comment form or call toll free (800) 525-0272.

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