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Factors to Consider When Choosing New Gutters in Kent, Wa

Factors to Consider When Choosing New Gutters in Kent, Wa Posted on December 11, 2019

Exterior components of homes work in tandem to help protect against the elements. While roofing, siding, windows, doors and other features get a great deal of attention, gutters are often overlooked. They’re actually unsung heroes in the world of architectural components. Several aspects are involved in choosing the right Gutters in Kent Wa for a specific home, each of which offers certain benefits and disadvantages.


At present, six materials stand out above the rest for gutter composition. Galvanized steel offers exceptional strength but is vulnerable to the elements and can begin to rust over time. Aluminum is one of the most popular alternatives because it’s lighter and less expensive than some other options. It’s also rust resistant and available in various colors though this material is more susceptible to damage than steel.

Galvalume gutters are also common these days. They’re essentially made of steel and coated with a layer of zinc, aluminum and silicon to provide added corrosion protection. Vinyl is likewise a popular option. It’s less expensive than other materials but can be damaged by falling limbs, extreme cold and other hazards.


Gutters in Kent Wa come in a wide range of styles with K-style being one of the most common. It’s a standard type of gutter resembling crown molding, which makes it both functional and visually appealing. Half round gutters have a rounded design. Though this gives them a certain amount of aesthetic appeal, it also means they’re not capable of handling the same volume of water and debris as their counterparts. Fascia gutters are designed for homes without fascia boards installed. Since they serve as both gutters and fascia boards, they cover and protect the edges of rafters while also directing water away from the home.


For the most part, gutters are available in either sectional or seamless varieties. While sectional versions certainly serve their purposes, they tend to leak at their seams over time and need ongoing repairs. Seamless options consist of one continual piece only separated at corners, so leaks are less likely to develop if they’re installed correctly.

Overall, the material, style and construction of gutters determine how effective they are and how long they’ll last. Though these architectural components should meld well with other features of a home, appearance could be considered a secondary factor. Keep these points in mind when choosing the right gutters for your home.

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