Family Vacation Resorts in Northern California: Affordability Meets Relaxation

by | May 5, 2017 | vacation rental

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Whether you wish to go on a golfing excursion in Palm Springs or stroll down the beach in Santa Monica, a vacation to the Golden State presents boundless opportunities for relaxation, fun, and excitement. Once known as the eminent domain of Hollywood stars and upper-class royalty, California is now a multicultural haven for all types of travelers, which is why the Californian tourism industry has grown by more than $350 billion over the past two decades. However, due to the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of mainstream hotels, resorts, and taverns in the state, finding an affordable lodging option seems to be a nearly impossible undertaking.

Fortunately, the family vacation resorts in Northern California have carved out a unique niche for travelers who wish to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the big cities each night.

Escape the Crowds

Tucked away in the heavily timbered region near Shasta Lake, you’ll find some of the most incredible rustic family vacation resorts in the entire country. If you reserve a booking with one of these family retreats, you’ll have access to a uniquely customizable experience regardless of your group size. From the extensive ATV and motorcycle trails to the well-appointed cabins, 24/7 assortment of activities, and incredible natural backdrop, your travel group will be able to connect with nature in the truest and most primal sense without having to sacrifice modern amenities. Each one of the lodgings in these Northern California family vacation resorts comes equipped with the following:

1. Sunroom or deck overlooking an incredible panoramic vista, such as the Sacramento River or Shasta Dam.

2. Large living room area furnished with rustic-style accoutrements and trimmings.

3. Fully-functioning kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher.

4. Two operational bathrooms.

5. Multiple beds (based on your requirements).

6. On-site laundry facility.

Connect with Nature or with Tourism

Just because you happen to be looking at nature-based family vacation resorts doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid all the touristy stuff that California has to offer. After all, Shasta Lake is situated in close proximity to the Win River Casino, Mt. Shasta Ski Resort, Cascade Theater, Waterworks Park, Turtle Bay Museum, and a host of other popular locations to boot. This means that you’ll be able to segment your vacation itinerary to account for outdoor fun one day and touristy fun the next. So, if your family is pining for some old-fashioned outdoor fun, be sure to look into the incredible family vacation resorts in the Golden State for your next getaway.

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