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Filtered Cigars Compared to Little Cigars

Filtered Cigars Compared to Little Cigars Posted on September 18, 2015

A lot of people who do not smoke cigars and even some who do think that little cigars and filtered cigars are the same thing. These two words should not be interchanged because they are most definitely not the same thing. Little cigars have much of the same flavor as that of a cigarette and cost a bit more than a filtered cigar. Filtered cigars are more like traditional cigars. You should not inhale them and should be smoked like a traditional cigar.

When you smoke a filtered cigar you will get the same type of smoking experience as you would a premium cigar. When you smoke a little cigar it will feel as though you are smoking a cigarette with a little more flavor to it. The tobacco that is used in little cigars can be fermented or aged to be combined with a variety of flavors. Cigarettes have a blend of different types of tobacco that can give them a very specific flavor and is not fermented and aged. While they can be wrapped in the same kind of paper, it is important to know that these two types of cigars are definitely not the same.

The reason that the two of these products get confused with one another is due to their size and packaging. They are both small like cigarettes but do not produce the same taste as them. They each have their own individual flavor that makes them much different than cigarettes. Filtered cigars are meant to be smoked like a standard cigar and you should be extremely careful not to inhale. A little cigar may cost you a bit more but will give you the feeling as though you are smoking a cigarette. If this is what you are looking for then the little cigar is the best choice for you.

It can be extremely difficult to choose between cigarettes, little cigars, and filtered cigars. While they all have a lot of similarities, they have differences that make them truly unique to smokers all over the world. If you are looking for a full flavor with less of the additives you should stay away from cigarettes and try little cigars. You will get a similar flavor without all of the chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Take the time to learn about these different types before you buy filtered cigars online.

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