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Find A New Chevrolet In Mokena Without The Hassles

Find A New Chevrolet In Mokena Without The Hassles Posted on December 29, 2015

When searching for a new Chevrolet in Mokena, you want to get the best deal possible and most people feel that dealerships don’t provide that service. However, you can get a fair deal and remove some of the hassles of buying a car, if you learn how to do so. This can save you money and time, making it worth your while to consider.

Price Vs. Deal

Just because you get the “best price,” doesn’t mean you’ve gotten the best deal. A good deal should mean that you were treated fair, and the dealer made a profit. Instead of focusing on the final price, you need to concentrate on the full scope. For example, they may give you a low price but then sneak in many fees, doesn’t give you a good trade-in deal and raises your APR. Instead, try to focus on the big picture to ensure you get the best price and deal.

When To Buy

Knowing when to buy a new Chevrolet in Mokena is just as useful as knowing how to find the right deal. The end of December and any time between July and October are seen as the best times. The holidays (December), makes it easier to find great deals because everyone is already shopping for the best gifts, so dealers cut prices to sell more.


When considering a vehicle of any sort, you must do your research. However, you can do most of it from home, on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The internet makes it so much easier to research options and get quotes, so you’re armed with information and can get the best deal. You’ve done your homework, so you can walk in confidently and negotiate for the best options.

Incentives and What To Ask For

Most people don’t know about secret incentives, but they’re out there. There are always some known rebates, which you should take advantage of, but there are also factory-to-dealer incentives that can save you up to $6,000 more. Knowing about them and asking for them, will get you a better price, and most dealers are willing to give some or all of the incentives to get you into that car.

Competition Is Your Friend

Knowing what the competition is offering can get you a better deal. Be prepared to go somewhere else, however, because not all dealerships will be willing to work with you.

A new Chevrolet in Mokena can be found through a dealership without all the hassles and scams associated with it. Visit Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet today to learn more and start searching for the perfect vehicle.

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