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Finding a Foundation Repair Company

Finding a Foundation Repair Company Posted on May 8, 2017

Without a solid foundation, your home’s entire structure is at risk. Finding a company that specializes in foundation repair in Boston is critical to making sure your home is safe for you and your family. There are many things to consider before hiring the company to take care of your foundation.

Causes of Foundation Issues

Foundation cracks and other issues can be the result of several different things:

  • Grading around your property is off; if the ground slopes down toward your basement, water can seep in after a rainfall, causing the foundation to crack over time

  • Tree roots can grow and interfere with your foundation; this is especially true if you have large, mature trees planted very close to your home

  • Your downspouts are not pointed away from your foundation; this could cause water to seep into your basement

Finding a reputable company

  • Start with family, neighbors and friends: ask if they have experience with a certain company.

  • Online research: Start with a local search of companies that are in your area. Check their websites and search for online testimonials

  • Call the companies and have them come and give you a written quote

  • Ask them questions about how long the job will take, who they will have onsite at your home, what the total price is and if there any ‘hidden’ or ‘extra’ fees you should be aware of

  • Gauge their answers not only in what they say but how they say it. Friendliness and respect go a long way toward making consumers feel comfortable about who they have in their home

Foundation repair in Boston doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process if you address the issue as soon as you can. Ignoring the problem can lead to even bigger issues down the road, and end up costing you more money. Call Basement Technologies for superior foundation repair services.

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