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Finding The Right Skid Steer For Sale

Finding The Right Skid Steer For Sale Posted on October 27, 2016

Since its invention in 1960, the first skid steer for sale has evolved. It has changed from simply handling chicken manure into a multi-purpose, versatile and agile “jack of all trades” in the construction and agricultural business. Today, so many companies produce their own version of a skid steer loader, it requires careful thought – and even more careful research – to find the right steer loader for your application in Bellingham, Washington. The following information is intended to provide some guidance through the process.

Asking the Right Questions

No matter who you are, or how long you have been in business, it always is practical and responsible to sensibly look at your intended purchase and analyze it in specific terms. You need to ask yourself questions that are relevant to the item. Among the most basic are those provided below.

* Work: What is the skid loader’s intended use? Will it need to fit into a confined space? How much of a load will it need to carry on the average day in Bellingham?

* Lift Type: Should I choose a skid steer for sale with a vertical or radial lift?

* Attachments: What type and how many will you need?

* Maintenance: Can you do this on my own or will you require someone to do it? If you want to do the majority, you will need a model that allows easy access components and parts you can find and replace easily

*Comfort: This is particularly an important issue if you plan to spend several hours in a row on the machine.

* Tires: What types are best suited for the terrain you plan to tackle regularly? Wil you want heavy, turf, solid or poly-filled? Each has its purpose, its advantages and disadvantages.

* Quality: always buy a quality machine. They will last longer, be more durable and will end up being more cost-effective than cheaper lower end models. Having a quality skid steer loader also makes it easier to obtain parts and to put it up for resale.

* Dealership: Where do you plan to purchase the equipment? Is the dealer reliable? Can it obtain parts for you and provide service quickly, easily, effectively and efficiently? In other words, is the dealer you go to reliable and dependable in every sense of the word?

Ask around and go look at the potential models at trade/farm shows and on site?

Finding a Skid Steer for Sale

If you plan on buying a skid steer loader , you now have considerable choice. While complicating a decision, it also gives you the chance to explore your options. Before you rush out to purchase the first skid steer for sale you see at a low price and online, evaluate it. Compare it with what is currently available. Read reviews, talk to friends and visit trustworthy dealers. Each skid steer model has its own unique characteristics. With so many to choose from, it should not be hard to find exactly what you want and need in or near Bellingham.

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