Fire Sprinklers: On Testing and Testing Requirements

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Fire damage can be one of the most devastating for a business. It can raze commercial properties to the ground and into a pile of ash. Good thing there are ways you could protect your business. One of the most widely known water-based fire protection systems include fire sprinkler systems.


One of the many advantages of fire sprinklers is that this fire protection system can save your team and property. It provides fast emergency response in case of property fire. Some systems can effectively extinguish the fire, ensuring less damage to your office and people, even before help from the Fire Department arrives. This helps keep casualties, if there are any, to a minimum. These systems are also environmentally friendly so water consumption isn’t as high.


You never know when a fire might strike. That’s why keeping your sprinkler systems in tip-top shape is a must. That’s where regular testing comes in. By hiring services for fire sprinkler inspection in Illinois, you can easily maintain your system. The National Fire Protection Association recommends learning how to do weekly, quarterly, semiannual and annual inspections to ensure your system works just fine.


Weekly testing requires visual inspection of any interface equipment along with the power supply and fuses. Quarterly inspections include checking out the sprinklers connected to the alarm, along with the water flow switches. The valve tamper switches should be included as well. Semiannual testing should include testing the switches and taking a closer look at the battery for any swelling or loose connections. Annual testing covers testing and visual inspection of nearly all parts of the system. For more information, consult sprinkler inspection experts.
Your fire protection system can make a difference in case a fire breaks out in your building or commercial property. So keep it in top form with regular testing.


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