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Five Things to Look for in a Factory Trained Locksmith

Five Things to Look for in a Factory Trained Locksmith Posted on August 19, 2016

Those moving into new homes should change the locks as soon as possible. The lock-changing process can be tricky at times, so it is best to hire a pro to do the job. Below are several factors to consider during the search for a Factory Trained Locksmith.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

It can be stressful to replace every lock in the home, and the stress can be compounded if the homeowner mistakenly assumes that all locksmiths are created equal. Customers should look for a locksmith who is listed with the BBB. These locksmiths hold themselves to a higher standard, and the additional research can help a homeowner avoid an unscrupulous or inept service provider.

Insurance and Licensing

Many areas do not require licensing for locksmiths, but every company should carry insurance. If a provider is injured on the job and the company lacks coverage, the homeowner may be held liable for lost wages, medical bills and other damages. When looking for a locksmith, the customer should ask for proof of licensing and insurance and they should verify coverage.

Warranty Coverage

Most professional locksmiths offer at least a 30-day warranty on parts and labor, but not all offer such coverage. A customer should ask about warranty coverage and duration, and they should take their business elsewhere if a company is unwilling to stand behind its work.

Background Checking

A locksmith has instant, complete access to the home and its contents. Therefore, it makes sense for the company to conduct detailed background checks on its employees. Customers should choose a company that conducts pre-employment background screenings on all workers.

Hidden Costs

Hidden fees are a critical detail that many customers forget about when hiring a locksmith. Homeowners should carefully read the work order before signing, so they’re aware of all potential charges. If any part of the agreement does not look right, the customer should ask for clarification.

A Factory Trained Locksmith is equipped to meet the customer’s needs. Clients shouldn’t be lured in by discounts and special prices. Rather, they should choose a company like who offers quality work and stands behind their service. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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