For Swimming Pools Sacramento CA Contractors Can Install Numerous Safety Features

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Swimming Pools & Spas

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For Swimming Pools Sacramento CA contractors can include numerous features that make sure the area is safe for homeowners with kids and pets. A top priority will be having a fence installed around the pool area. The fence can have a locked gate so young children can’t get in without supervision. An alarm can be installed at the gate to alert the property owner if someone manages to get the gate open without permission.

The fence also keeps dogs out of the pool. Dogs that love swimming and playing in water will be attracted to the pool. Even if the swimming pool is constructed with a sloped shallow end so the animals can easily walk out, homeowners may not want those animals in their pool. They can track in dirt and shed hair.

Around swimming pools in Sacramento CA contractors can install non-slip surfaces so nobody falls and gets hurt. Children should be instructed not to run on the wet surfaces, but it can be difficult to completely stop this behavior. Slip-resistant coating, pool deck tiles and mats are possibilities to keep this area safe. These types of surfaces also are helpful for adults with physical disorders that impair their balance or make them unsteady on their feet.

Of course, there should always be supervision by adults or older teenagers when young children are in the pool area. Even when little kids know how to swim, unexpected incidents can still happen. Experts consider supervision to be the most important aspect of pool safety.

A company such as Geremia Pools offers a weekly pool maintenance contract, which can be very convenient for property owners. This service makes sure that the pool stays clean and the chemicals remain in proper balance. Having the right amount of chemicals prevents microorganisms from thriving and thus blocks the possibility of anyone getting sick from spending time in the water. Technicians test the water for chlorine and pH levels, as well as for calcium and other dissolved solids. They add any substances that are necessary to adjust the water to its optimum chemical composition. Additional services can include skimming the pool surface and clearing debris from the bottom of the pool.

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