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Gain More Usable Lawn Space Using Retaining Walls in Auburn

Gain More Usable Lawn Space Using Retaining Walls in Auburn Posted on July 14, 2020

When landscaping the property of your home or business you have a lot of options. You can smooth the ground out and plant walkways or gardens. This works quite well if the property isn’t very hilly or sloped. In these cases you can either try and work with the lay of the land which may be a little difficult or you can install a series of Retaining Walls in Auburn to hold any elevated soil in place while making the lower levels available for other uses.

Retaining Walls in Auburn come in a variety of stone, block and concrete building materials depending on the style of your landscape. This can be an important factor in giving the impression you desire. For example, large stones give the impression of bold style and grand ideas. They can easily make any landscaping project seem larger than life, but they do take a lot of space and won’t work as well when the property is rather small.

While the use of retaining walls in Auburn is primarily for shoring up sloping ground in order to create more flat space, they can also be very useful as a design element as well. For example, using the retaining wall to separate various areas of the lawn is a great way to segregate garden areas from party areas. A series of retaining walls can also be used to stair-step a hill and allow the landscaper to install any variety of plants to improve the look. The beauty of retaining walls is that they can enhance their surroundings while performing the useful function of shoring a hillside or elevating part of the property.

It is important, however, to realize that retaining walls aren’t simple, separated areas of your property. The retaining wall requires strength to hold back the pull of gravity. It also requires density to keep the supported soils from simply washing past the blocks or stones that make up the wall. To this end, many modern retaining wall materials are man made and designed to interlock. This gives them a unique stability that is often not available with other methods or materials.

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