Getting The Right Cabinets For Your New Kitchen

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If you are getting down to the details of your kitchen renovation you will have to choose the cabinets. Choosing the perfect cabinets in San Antonio will make the difference between a “so-so” renovation and a “knock dead beautiful” job. The cabinets make a major impact on the visual and functional performance of your new kitchen; they also have a major impact on your wallet. The cabinets are what give a new kitchen its “feel”.

With cabinets you very much get what you pay for. Although all cabinets may look wonderful on the day they are installed, always remember that those that will perform the best and last the longest will also cost the most. Cabinets are graded good, better and best and there is a place for all of them.

Although there are no fixed rules you can generally expect the cabinets in your new kitchen to consume about half of your total renovation budget. The best way for you to know what you are getting and to ensure you are getting value for money is to understand how the different materials and construction impact the price as well as their durability and overall quality.

Good, better and best:

As noted, cabinets in San Antonio are available in different grades. It often is not a reflection on the quality as much as it is where they come from. Instead of good, better and best think of stock, semi-custom and custom.

   * Stock: These cabinets are pre manufactured in specific sizes; they do not lend themselves to customization other than finish and perhaps the hardware.

   * Semi-custom: These units are also pre manufactured by in a far wider range of options and sizes. With these types of cabinets you can mix and match to arrive at a finished cabinet that looks custom made.

   * Custom: There really is no limitation on custom cabinets in San Antonio. These cabinets are designed and built to satisfy the specific wants of the homeowner. Any type of wood can be used, any finish can be applied and there is a wide range of hardware available.

Regardless of how you go, you will be able to arrive at a kitchen design that meets your expectations in terms of style, quality and cost.

If you are planning on a kitchen remodel you will have to give a great deal of thought to the cabinets. To discuss various different cabinets in San Antonio you are invited to talk to the experts, Shaw Company Remodeling.

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