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Great Preparation Tips to Perform an Inspection of Your Roofing in Suquamish Wa

Great Preparation Tips to Perform an Inspection of Your Roofing in Suquamish Wa Posted on April 9, 2019

A solid roofing system is one of the best ways to protect a residence from weather elements, outdoor pollutants, and wildlife presence. To ensure the proper functionality and longevity of residential Roofing in Suquamish Wa, it’s important to perform periodic inspections. The following preparation tips can assist a homeowner in performing this task efficiently and fruitfully.

Wear Proper Clothing

When climbing onto the roof for an inspection, avoid wearing loose clothing. Excess or bulky material can present a hazard for slipping or tripping. Also, resist wearing dangly jewelry. Loose necklaces or bracelets can get caught on roofing elements. Also, it’s vital to only wear shoes with slip-resistant soles.

Have a Partner

It’s a good idea to have another person assist with a roofing inspection. A partner can watch for hazards and inform bystanders about the roofing job. An assistant can also help keep the ladder or ladder system sturdy along with writing down important points of the roof evaluation.

Implement Ladder Safety

It’s necessary to only use a ladder or ladder system exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. Test a ladder before using it get onto the rooftop. Ensure that the locking mechanism of a step ladder is secure. An extension ladder should stretch 1 to 3 feet beyond the edge of the rooftop. This will give a homeowner an object to grab in case of a fall.

Gather All Necessary Tools

Before climbing a ladder, gather all the necessary tools. This includes a flashlight and markers for indicating faulty areas needing repair. Have an inspection checklist ready. Also, carry a mirror to view hard-to-reach areas. Depending on the slope of the roof, it may be necessary to use a harness and other safety equipment. This equipment can be purchased for a low price at most hardware stores.

Evaluating a rooftop for the presence of defects is the primary way to repair damage and prevent future defects from occurring. By using these simple suggestions, a homeowner can perform a simplified roof inspection while implementing safety guidelines. For information on residential services for Roofing in Suquamish Wa, please talk to a specialist at Hanley Construction. This group of roofing experts can handle residential and commercial roofing services for valued customers.

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