Handcrafted Monuments In CT

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Shopping

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A monument for a deceased loved one can be handcrafted and designed according to an individual’s wishes. Granite is a popular material many monuments are made of. There are many colors and patterns to choose from. A cherished family member’s stone can be created to match their personality. After the stone is set up by the person’s final resting spot, family members and friends will have an attractive stone to look at whenever they decide to visit the cemetery that the person was buried in.

Monuments in CT can have inscriptions and pictures carved into them to represent the person who has passed. A picture can be added that represents some of the individual’s favorite activities. A picture can also be added that resembles the individual during one of the happiest times in their life. An individual who is interested in having a specific inscription can set up an appointment to discuss options that are available. The customer can provide photographs to the company so that the design that is added to the stone looks the way that they would like it to.

If a monument has already been set up in a cemetery, it can have work completed to it so that it is restored to its original condition. Any parts of the lettering that are damaged will be repaired. The same font, color and size of each letter will be used so that the repaired monument looks the way that it did when it was first set up. Minor imperfections on the stone’s surface can also be removed during this time. Anyone who would like to explore the options that are offered for Monuments in CT can browse the gallery on the company’s website.

Each individual who visits the page will be instructed to click here if they would like to contact the company directly. A handcrafted monument is an investment that will allow present and future generations to remember a loved one in a positive manner. Since monuments face natural elements on a regular basis, it is important to purchase a monument that is durable and professionally designed.

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