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Hardwood vs. Laminate: Which Is the Best Option in Lisle

Hardwood vs. Laminate: Which Is the Best Option in Lisle Posted on January 21, 2021

Hardwood and laminate flooring remain popular choices among homeowners because of they are both timeless and stylish. If you plan to get new flooring in Lisle for your home, you may wonder which one of these choices makes the better option. Hardwood and laminate flooring have their own unique benefits.

Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Considered the real deal, hardwood has a natural beauty and comes in a variety of stains, which makes it appealing to homeowners. You can even choose a red or purple stain or add a wax coating for additional shine. While they don’t take to mopping, you can still easily clean them by giving them a light sweeping or vacuuming.

Hardwood floors measure 34/” thick and may be cut from several different types of trees, but oak, maple, walnut and ash tend to be the most durable kinds of wood. Since hardwood flooring is solid all the way through, you have the option to paint it, refinish it and sand imperfections. This gives it an advantage over laminate making it last longer.

Laminate Flooring Benefits

Laminate flooring consists of several layers of pressed wood with the bottom layer being a coated brown paper. Like hardwood floors, they are easy to clean, but you can mop them. However, you have to be mindful of water puddles and clean liquids immediately.

Laminate flooring has interlocking grids for easy installing, so they require no glue or nails. It may be easily installed over old flooring, and it can withstand heavy foot traffic, since they have a scratch-resistant coating. Laminate flooring also does not fade as fast as hardwood, because of the top coating.

The type of flooring in Lisle you choose depends on the intended room and many other factors. However, regardless of what flooring you choose, professional installation makes the process smoother. Get professional installation from Best Buy Carpet and Granite or contact for more information.

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