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Heating/Cooling Costs and the Foundation of your Home

Heating/Cooling Costs and the Foundation of your Home Posted on February 16, 2018

When it comes to energy efficiency, it goes beyond just having a high-quality HVAC unit. The very structure of your home plays a major role in the coast of heating and cooling. The shape and structural integrity of your house can have a significant effect on how much it costs to control that house’s climate. Is there any HVAC business approved solution to this problem? Let’s find out.

How is this possible?
There are many ways this can happen, actually. It’s most common in older buildings with uninsulated foundations, since the lack of insulation lets air get out of your house in higher quantities, which your HVAC unit then has to replenish, leading to higher costs. It’s only by inches, yes, but that just means you won’t notice it until it’s too late.

Another threat to the air sealant of your house is your foundation being damaged. This leads to the same problem as lack of insulation. No air sealant means more air getting out, which leads to higher heating/cooling bills. Other threats include unleveled or sloping floors. This is a hard to notice problem that most early homeowners don’t really think twice about. However, an uneven floor can mess up the structural integrity of your home, so be on the lookout. If you think the floor of your house isn’t level enough, contact a professional to come and have a look at it.

Finally, a major problem to watch out for is that serious foundation issues can throw your HVAC unit off balance. You do not want this, as an unbalanced HVAC unit means a high risk of air ducts disconnecting from the stress. Which will lead to a whole other series of problems that will cost you way more in the long run than it would cost to have it repaired. If you think your HVAC unit is in danger of this, do not take the chance. Call an HVAC repairman to come have a look at it, and give you an estimate of your particular situation.

Now with that said, is there a solution? The solution is quite simple, have an HVAC repair worker, preferably a service that utilizes HVACBizPro software, to come over, take a look at your house and your HVAC unit, and inform you of how abnormal your heating/cooling spending is, and what you can do to lower the cost.

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