Help From A Marengo Car Accident Lawyer For A Sudden Medical Emergency

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Law

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The vast majority of vehicle accidents in Marengo occur from the negligence of one or more drivers or failure to follow traffic laws and regulations. Issues such as texting, eating or even turning around to talk to someone in the back seat are often linked to accidents as the driver’s eyes are momentarily off the road and the traffic in front of and around the vehicle.

However, it is also possible that something other than a distraction or unsafe operation of a vehicle can result in an accident. While not common, a sudden medical emergency can occur that results in an accident. If this does occur, it will be essential to work with a car accident attorney.

What is a Sudden Medical Emergency?

A medical emergency that occurs very rapidly where the driver cannot pull over and stop the vehicle is defined as “sudden.” Common medical emergencies that can result in this type of situation could include a heart attack, stroke, seizure or a sudden drop in blood sugar resulting in an unconscious driver. Other issues such as diabetic episode or reactions to medications can also be a cause.

In these situations, the driver of the vehicle is often not able to control the vehicle. He or she will not be able to slow down, stop or steer and may, in fact, result in a serious accident. When this happens, in Marengo as well as throughout Illinois, the driver may have a legal defense.

Legal Requirements

The car accident attorney will have to be able to establish three different facts to use the sudden medical emergency defense in a case. This includes that the driver was unconscious prior to the accident, that the accident was a result of the lack of consciousness and that the medical emergency was unforeseeable.

As this is a complex area of the law, working with an experienced car accident attorney with expertise in sudden medical emergency cases is essential to the case.

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