Helpful Details About Dental Implants Queens NY

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Dentist

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Tooth loss is a major problem for numerous dental patients. Lack of natural teeth can cause difficulties with eating and speaking. It can also significantly affect a person’s looks in a negative manner. To rectify the loss of one, numerous, or all teeth, many people choose to use Dental Implants Queens NY. The following information will give more insight into these surgical devices.

It’s important to understand that a dental implant is actually three distinct parts. Each part has its own characteristics and function. An actual dental implant is a tiny device inserted into a jawbone or other area deemed appropriate by a dentist. This tiny rod replaces a natural tooth root. It’s meant to provide stability to an overlying restorative device. This device can be a crown, bridge, denture, or other prosthetic apparatus. An abutment is a connector that secures a dental implant to a restorative device.

When a person looses a tooth, the surrounding bone can start to shift. This can cause dental problems such as infections and malocclusions. To keep this from happening, a dental implant will be installed into the position where a natural tooth once was. It’s hoped that the surrounding bone tissue will accept a dental implant like it is natural bone tissue. This is referred to as osseointegration. When this fails to happen, a dental implant can loosen and even fall out.

Before a dental implant is used on a dental patient, a dentist will typically perform an in-depth inspection of the person’s mouth. It’s beneficial to have healthy gums so they won’t separate from a dental implant. A dentist may order X-rays and other clinical tests to better view the internal parts of a person’s mouth. A bone density test may be done to ensure that a person has sufficient bone mass to keep a dental implant in place.

A dental implant is a smart way to replace a lost natural tooth or damaged the restorative device. By learning about the basics of Dental Implants Queens NY, a person can make a well-informed decision on whether this is the right course of action.

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