Helpful Solar Eclipse Safety Tips

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Business

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Before you know it, the 2017 total solar eclipse will be upon us, and this is something most people will not want to miss. In fact, many people viewing the special event may not be aware of the possible dangers of looking directly at a solar eclipse. For example, if viewing is not done correctly one may suffer permanent eye damage. Here are some important solar eclipse safety tips to help you and your loved ones protect their vision and have a most enjoyable time.

Why is Viewing an Eclipse so Dangerous?

Most people understand the dangers or looking directly at the sun during normal daytime hours. In fact, you probably won’t stare too long because it is very uncomfortable. However, it is not uncomfortable to stare at an eclipse, yet the same dangers of eye damage still exist. This is the reason proper eclipse safety is essential.

Children are perhaps the most vulnerable to eye damage from eclipses because they may not understand what is going on. Parents need to take the time to explain solar eclipse dangers to their children. In fact, while the event is unfolding, children should come inside the house or only view the eclipse under adult supervision.

Viewing Tips

While looking at a solar eclipse, you should never gaze directly at it with the naked eye. You might think a “quick look” is fine, but this can be dangerous. For example, a total eclipse of the sun is a fascinating event, and you may find yourself staring much longer than you planned on.

Safe Viewing Methods

You can view an eclipse safely, but you must have the right equipment. Here are methods that will provide adequate solar eclipse safety for viewing.

* Pinhole projectors – homemade devices to project the eclipse through a small hole and onto a white surface.
* Welder’s goggles
* Approved solar eclipse glasses
* Approved solar eclipse viewers
* Special camera and telescope solar filters

Not Approved for Solar Eclipse Safety

Here are some devices you should not use, as you still can suffer eye injury:

* Standard sunglasses
* Smoked glass
* Photographic film
* CD or DVDs

Taking Pictures or Videos

Always use special filters when taking pictures. Only use approved eyewear for looking through the camera viewer. Remember, a viewfinder can amplify rays of the sun and make them more intense, increasing the chance of eye injury.

Common Sense Eclipse Safety

Refrain from trying untested or questionable eclipse viewing methods. Read the instructions on your solar eclipse glasses or viewers, and inspect them for signs of tears or damage before using them.

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