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Hiring An Expert Malpractice Lawyer To Fight Against Negligent Doctors

Hiring An Expert Malpractice Lawyer To Fight Against Negligent Doctors Posted on July 4, 2014

Medical malpractice is defined by a series of events that occur during a medical procedure in which a patient is injured. These events are based on an oversight, lack of proper medical training, negligence, or malice. If you were a victim of these errors or failures, you should contact an Expert Malpractice Lawyer today to represent you.

How Medical Malpractice is Litigated

The first requirement for a medical-malpractice case is to establish whether or not the injury was a common probability of the procedure that was performed. For example, procedures that are considered experimental have a higher probability that the desired results will not occur. This could lead to injury or death. When this is the case, the doctor must disclose fully all probabilities to the patient and allow him or her to make a well-informed decision. The doctor and medical staff should acquire a signature from the patient testifying that this information has been presented to them, and they are aware of the possible risks.

Further occurrences of a medical malpractice are linked to a misdiagnosis or a failure to render a diagnosis when a doctor is aware of the condition affecting the patient. For example, a doctor who examines a possible tumor in the breast without performing a mammogram or x-rays cannot diagnose the condition properly. If he or she claims that the growth is a benign cyst, and the patient discovers that she has breast cancer at a later time, the doctor is guilty of a medical malpractice.

In cases where the doctor prescribes medication that hasn’t shown a rate of success and is not commonly used to treat the actual condition possessed by the patient could be rendered negligent. For example, if the patient has a physical disease in which testing could reveal, and the doctor fails to treat it properly due to opinion of misconception, the patient or their family has a case against the doctor. This case would be considered a failure to treat the condition properly.

During plastic surgery, it is not uncommon for doctors to injury patients. The most frequent conditions are burns associated with liposuction that cause nerve damage or significant harm to underlying organs. Disfigurement is another probability if cosmetic surgery is performed improperly. If you sustain an injury due to any of the above-mentioned conditions, you should hire an Expert Malpractice Lawyer through The Law Offices Of Diane M Sternlieb LLC today.

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