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When A Homeowner Should Call An Emergency Plumber In Old Bridge, NJ

When A Homeowner Should Call An Emergency Plumber In Old Bridge, NJ Posted on June 19, 2017

Plumbing issues left unchecked could not only lead to flooding but may cause the growth of mold and other harmful allergens. The majority of homeowners feel they can address plumbing issues on their own, but this often leads to even more problems. Smaller projects can be easily completed by a novice with minimal knowledge of plumbing science. Other issues, however, require the expertise of an Emergency Plumber in Old Bridge NJ. Here are just a few of the many problems that should be handled by a professional with the proper knowledge and tools.

Water Main Leaks

The flow pressure from water mains can be twice as strong as the pressure at a faucet. A pressure reducing valve helps slow down the flow of water and protects pipes from extreme changes in pressure. If water main breaks, the water supply must be turned off at the source using a plumbing key. Failure to do this quickly can cause flooding in a yard or home and create extensive structural damage.

Sewer Line Blockages

One of the most common causes of a sewer line blockage is a tree root. As a root system grows into a pipe, it allows toilet paper and other debris to collect, causing the blockage to prevent the flow of waste water. The most common sign of a sewer line blockage is a backup in the home either at the main exit pipe or in the home’s sinks and toilets. An Emergency Plumber in Old Bridge NJ can use a snake device to remove the clog and restore the flow of water through a sanitary sewer system.

Pipe Replacement

Over time, copper piping will begin to degrade and corrode, causing small leaks. These little leaks can quickly increase in size and cause flooding and severe moisture issues. A plumber will be able to address issues of this nature immediately and replace the damaged pipe, so the leak is repaired. There are a variety of rules regarding the connection of plumbing pipes, and it is a job best left to a professional.

Emergency plumbing issues are never easy to deal with. Fortunately, the technicians at Apollo Sewer are available to tackle plumbing problems any time of the day or night. Visit us the next time disaster strikes, and make a plumbing nightmare a thing of the past.

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