How 3D Baby Ultrasound Can Help You Bond With Your Child

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Medical Center

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When you first discover that you are pregnant, many emotions are likely to arise: joy, anticipation and maybe a bit of fear over being a first-time parent. While all of these feelings are typical, you may be searching for ways to bond with the new life inside you right away. If so, then 3D baby ultrasound in Charleston SC may be able to help.

You Can See Live Video of Your Baby

Having a typical ultrasound can be exciting, but the images you take away from it are often difficult to make out, especially during the early stages of pregnancy. You may find it difficult to visualize what your growing child is experiencing during this time. However, when you choose to have a 3D Baby ultrasound in Charleston SC, you can see your child moving around in real time video and in detailed HD that may make you feel closer to your unborn baby than ever.

Images Are Clearer

Not all ultrasound photos come out crystal clear, which may frustrate you after trying to point out your child’s head, feet, or face time and time again to friends and family. You know your child is growing but typical ultrasound photos can make details difficult to see. Having a 3D Baby ultrasound in Charleston SC may allow you and loved ones to see highly-detailed images of your child at almost every stage of development.

You Can See Facial Expressions

During pregnancy, you probably imagine holding your baby in your arms and watching him or her yawn, smile and wriggle those tiny fingers and toes. These daydreams may make the day you meet your baby seem far off. However, 3D imaging may allow you to see all of this and more during a video feed and in still images, bringing your fondest dreams into reality.

Bonding with your baby even before it is born can enhance your parenting experience, and having a 3D Baby ultrasound in Charleston SC may help you do so like never before.

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