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How A Home Remodel In Gig Harbor, WA Can Help Buyers Save Money

How A Home Remodel In Gig Harbor, WA Can Help Buyers Save Money Posted on December 17, 2018

In Washington, home buyers consider the advantages of purchasing an existing home as compared to buying a brand-new property. While a new home could provide them with all the features they want, the purchase could exceed their budget and set them up for failure. A local contractor could provide further insight into how a Home Remodel in Gig Harbor WA can help buyers save money.

Increasing the Size of the Property

The first objective for some buyers is to increase the size of the property. The square footage can be increased by adding onto the exterior of the property if the buyer has the right amount of acreage. Another option is to build upward and add a second floor to the property.

Upgrading Certain Features

Outdated features could be upgraded to present the owner with a newer home design with the features they want the most. For example, the remodeling project could modify bathroom features and offer the buyer more than standard selections. The contractor could change an existing shower to a shower stall and add a separate bathtub. They could also change the sink design to provide more counter space.

Improving Functionality of Living Spaces

The kitchen is a common area that is remodeled most often. Typically, buyers want a more functional kitchen design that gives them more storage and space for preparing meals. New lighting concepts could centralize the lights directly over the stovetop and prevent common issues.

Increasing the Total Value

By remodeling the existing property, the new owner could increase the total value of the property. The changes could include updated cabinets, a complete floor plan modification, or even the addition of highly-coveted features. Each new home improvement option adds value to the existing property and gives the buyer more of a return for their investment.

In Washington, home buyers are choosing existing homes over new properties and achieving more through renovations. The projects allow the buyer to get the features they want without the new home sticker shock. The modifications are often more affordable and could keep the new investment within the buyer’s chosen budget. Home buyers who want to learn more about how a Home Remodel in Gig Harbor WA can save money are encouraged to contact a contractor now.

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