How Growers Can Benefit from Automated Weeding to Eliminate Weeds

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Industrial Solutions

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Weeds are a nuisance when growing any crop. The number of weed control tools available to growers is limited because of regulatory concerns. It is a high priority to develop mechanical options for weeding. Read on to find out how growers can benefit from automated vegetable weeder.

Prevent Labor Shortages

The spectrum of herbicides for vegetables and herbs is limited. Many growers have been dependent on hand weeding to control weeds. With labor shortages, hand weeding is not economically viable. Growers must keep track of new trends going on in the farming industry. There are labor-saving technologies available for weed control that helps with keeping production down.

Recognize Crop Row Patterns

Technology along with data processors heightens the capabilities of commercial machines. It enables commercial machines to control automated devices and to recognize crop row patterns. These automated tasks may include thin crops to desired stands and for the removal of Intra row weeds.

Makes the Distinction Between Weed and Crop

Commercial machines with vision systems can differentiate between weed and crop because of the size. They recognize the weeds and remove them. If the weed population is large, the machines cannot effectively distinguish between crops and weeds. In these cases, you can benefit from a vegetable weeder. Thinners and automated weeders rely on directed sprayers and cultivators to control weeds.

Weeds are a threat to crops because they are competing for sunlight, nutrients, and water. Your weed control strategies should include the use of automated weed removal equipment. Follow them on facebook.

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