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How To Become A Home Health Care Aide

How To Become A Home Health Care Aide Posted on November 15, 2016

One of the fastest growing careers in America today is home health care. Every year, employment in this field increases. Fueled in part by an aging population who wants to remain at home, agencies continue to expand hiring qualified individuals who can meet the demand. These include ground level positions as a Home Health Care Philadelphia.

What Are Home Health Care Aides?

Home health care aides are trained individuals who visit the home of their clients. This may be the elderly, the disabled or the ill. Unlike a personal care aide, they must have some form of health training. Although their specific duties will vary, they are expected to know and handle certain basic needs of clients including:

  • Medication: Must be capable of administering basic meds

  • Equipment: Are trained in the operation of ventilators and lifts

  • Exercise: Can assist in required therapeutic programs

  • Personal Care: Helps with toileting, grooming, bathing/showering and dressing

A health care aide may also drive a client to various medical appointments or for groceries. Some prepare meals, cook and clean. It will depend upon the care plan prepared by the agency with input from medical professionals and the family.

Educational Requirements

To become a health care worker requires training and state approval. Those who already possess certification within this field may not have to obtain further accreditation. In general, however, while completion of high school is not essential, home health care aides must receive the appropriate education.

Training may be at a college or through the agency itself. Most agencies and states demand certification or, at least, a formal competency test. The test may be identical to or vary from that offered by Aurora Home Care.

Home Health Care Aide

If you want to help people and are empathetic by nature, this career may be a good fit. For more information, talk to a guidance counselor or contact Aurora Home Care. You can also search online.

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