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How to Buy the Right Bird Cage in Albany, OR

How to Buy the Right Bird Cage in Albany, OR Posted on November 25, 2016

Birds, when trained properly, make for excellent pets. Parrots have been domesticated for centuries and are fun and fantastic pets. They are colorful, interesting birds that are very easy to become attached to. However, bringing a bird home is a big commitment. You will need to take proper care of the bird, such as making sure that you provide them with fresh water and a balanced diet. Birds are generally kept in a cage to prevent them from flying into dangerous objects. Contrary to popular belief, the cage actually provides a feeling of security and comfort to the bird. Before long, the bird starts considering the cage its own “personal space” and gets territorial when somebody tries to enter. Here are some tips on buying a bird cage in Albany, OR.


You need to buy a bird cage that’s appropriate for the size of your bird. Some birds are bigger than others. For instance, if you have just brought home a macaw, you should purchase a bigger bird cage. The size of the cage should be big enough for the bird to spread its wings and clean them. You can contact Albany Pet Hotel to check out some of the cages available in their store.

Additional Items

When you purchase a bird cage, you also need to think about additional items that you can keep in the cage, such as toys, a perch, or even a breeding box. Therefore, make sure that you purchase a cage that is big enough to accommodate certain play toys for your birds. Birds love to spend their time doing something fun, and if you give them even a few toys, it will really keep the bird cheerful.

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