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How To Choose A Data Center Provider

How To Choose A Data Center Provider Posted on July 9, 2021

While cloud computing hosting is offered through several providers, not all offer the option for colocation or bare metal server solutions. These solutions are reserved for companies or businesses to have a discreet server they own managed by a data center.

Choosing a data center provider allows a business to have multiple servers, or just a single server, located optimally for their business and their end-users. It also assists with compliance for data transmission and storage. The server can be located within the geographic area of the customer, the company, or both. This eliminates the possibility of violating any data transmission or storage laws outside of the area where the data is used. Businesses only have to meet the mandated requirements in the area where the data is collected and stored, rather than meeting multiple regulations if the data is moved worldwide.

When looking for a colocation data center provider, consider the following factors:

  • Security – top data centers offer not only infrastructure security but also physical security for the servers and network equipment. The business can track access to the secure server location and even limit entry to space to approved engineers and technicians.
  • Networks – the data center should provide the types of network system connections required by the business. This could include global and local carriers, internet hubs, and interconnected data centers.
  • Power and Safety – look for a data center with multiple power sources and redundancies. It will also be essential to check for the air conditioning systems and redundancies, as well as advanced fire prevention systems throughout the facility.

Take the time to review different data centers operated by various providers. There are differences to consider that go well beyond just the cost.
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