How To Choose Model Photographers In NYC

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

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If modeling seems like a good career choice for you, or if you hire models to promote your company or brand, you may be wondering what the hype is when it comes to model photographers in NYC. Anyone can take a picture, so you may think that using a particular photographer may not make sense and may just cost more money. However, a modeling photographer does more than snap a picture for you to use however you want. They understand lighting issues, clothing options and makeup better than you, and they know what works well on camera and what doesn’t. You aren’t just paying for them to snap a picture. Instead, you’re paying them to make sure that you are shown (or your models) in the best possible light (pun not intended).


A photographer has many options when they take pictures. They can focus on landscapes, the outdoors or fruit baskets. The most difficult of all is to take photos of people because there are so many things to consider. Models are even harder to take pictures of because they have particular thoughts about how they are portrayed and what they do. However, the photographer can help match makeup to the clothing and clothing to the person so that everyone is happy with the outcome.

You may also be asked to change clothes during the shoot or be in various poses.

Know What’s Wanted

You may think that it would be interesting and fun to have a woman with multi-colored hair eat your product as a way to promote said product, but the photographer may have a different approach or may be able to give you different ideas that may be better or more original.

They take photographs of many people in many places and doing different things. They know what your models are capable of and which one will be best for the shoot you want. Make sure to listen to what they say, because you may end up with a photograph you never even imagined.

Where To Find Them

There are many model photographers in NYC, each with their personal touches and methods. Finding them isn’t the hard part. Instead, you must make sure they can do what you need. Check out their portfolios and see if you can find at least three that you like. Talk to them about pricing and options, as well.

Model photographers in NYC are the cream of the crop. Visit Vikram Pathak Photography now to see some of their work and learn more about them.

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