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How To Choose The Best Steel Grinding Media For Your Project

How To Choose The Best Steel Grinding Media For Your Project Posted on February 9, 2021

When it comes to media that is used to grind other materials, there are many different options with which to work. However, one of the most popular is steel. Here are some ways to choose the best steel media grinding mills for your needs.

Consider The Shape

The most effective steel grinding media is steel balls. This is because the spherical shape renders it very dense and resistant to chips and nicks. However, another popular steel grinding shape is the steel rod shaped like a cylinder.

Consider The Size

In the case of grinding media, smaller sized balls are preferred because they are considered to be more accurate when performing the actual grinding. However, there are jobs when bigger sized balls are desired. The sizes typically used range 5″ diameter down to 3/4″ diameter. If you are using rods, they should be slightly shorter than the actual mill.

Consider The Exact Material

When you are grinding material, the density of the grinding media is very important. It obviously needs to be denser than the material being ground. In the case of steel, the traditional options are steel, cast iron, and forger steel. One of these options will almost always do the job. Make sure to research what is recommended for your particular media grinding mills.

If you are in need of grinding media to finish the project you are working on, contact Chicago Boiler aka CB Mills today. They can let you know what specific media will work best in your case.

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