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How to Choose Your First Work Chair for Home

How to Choose Your First Work Chair for Home Posted on June 22, 2022

There has been a major shift in the workplace environment in the last few years. The global pandemic has made it necessary for many companies around the world to move their operations to remote locations, including their employees’ homes.

Even as the pandemic has waned in many areas, these moves have proved beneficial for many companies – and those companies appear to be keeping them in place. This means that for the first time, many employees are creating their own, truly customized office spaces in their own homes.

Looking to buy your first work chair for home in Singapore? If you have always had your chair provided for you by your employer, you may not know where to start. Here’s what you need to know to make a great choice for your first work chair for home:

Style Should Be Your Guide, Not Your Ruler

While your personal style and taste in design should definitely help you choose a chair for your desk area, do not let it be the last word in your choice. Look for a chair that provides some of the attractive elements you want – such as leather upholstering or a sleek, modern line – without compromising quality.

Support and Comfort Go Hand in Hand

You have probably heard people refer to some office chairs as ergonomic. This means that they are designed to ease tension on your body, providing the most comfortable experience possible while using them.

An ergonomic desk or office chair should also provide good lumbar support. This means that your spine will be in proper alignment and well-supported throughout the workday, keeping you comfortable during work and long after you are off the clock.

Lastly, your chair should be adjustable. Look for a model that suits your height, weight, and overall frame. If you are petite, choose a petite or youth model. Larger or taller people may need a larger chair. Choosing an adjustable model means that most people will be able to comfortably sit in the chair they choose after adjusting it to just the right height.

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