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How to Have a Productive Initial Visit with an Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL

How to Have a Productive Initial Visit with an Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL Posted on September 29, 2015

Being hurt in a car accident can lead to catastrophic results such as an inability to work or perform numerous daily activities. It can also put a strain on personal relationships and future plans. So when a car accident victim is having problems dealing with the effects of an accident, it’s beneficial to talk to an accident lawyer in Mobile, AL. The following guidelines can help a person have a productive initial visit.

It’s important for a person to remember that an initial visit with an accident lawyer in Mobile, AL is often the time when the attorney will decide if he wants to take the case. For this reason, a person should treat this appointment like it is a business meeting. This means dressing appropriately in conservative attire and using good manners and ensuring that all new client forms are filled out completely and accurately as possible. Even if a question seems a bit too personal in nature, it’s advisable to complete it because the attorney will need this information if he decides to take the case.

A person should bring all relevant information to the initial meeting, which includes police reports, hospital records, and receipts for doctor visits. Receipts for prescription and over-the-counter medications taken from being in the accident should be brought as well. An accident attorney should be provided with all interaction with insurance companies, this includes an accident victim’s insurance company and the insurance companies of other parties involved in the accident.

It’s favorable for a person to have a list of questions to ask the attorney about things like fees, the outcome of the case and the steps involved in it. A person should be prepared to tell what he remembers about the events of the accident. The attorney will want the names and phone numbers of witnesses, as well as pictures, videos and sketches of the accident, which will all help him or her understand the accident better.

Being able to talk to a legal representative can mean the difference between recovering from losses and not getting deserved damages. For more information on personal injury law services, potential clients can Click Here . The law office of Gene T. Moore, attorney at law, P.C. can handle many types of cases including personal injury, product liability, vehicle accidents and product liability.

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