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How to Step up Your Retail Marketing through Signage in Chicago

How to Step up Your Retail Marketing through Signage in Chicago Posted on October 28, 2015

Signage (also commonly referred to as interior advertising by marketing experts) is one of the most underutilized tools retailers have at their disposal today. When sign printing professionals have met with some of their retail clients in the past, they have asked them to walk into any retail store and to look at the signs. What are the signs in the store telling them? How did a sign make them feel, and what did they do after seeing that sign?

These are the questions which printing companies feel are important for clients to ask themselves in order to optimize exactly what the signs they will create for their clients can do for their retail. By being able to cover those questions, retailers are able to effectively communicate with their customers and enhance the customer experience.

Signage: They Are Not Word-inclusive

When most businesses come to printing companies with questions about signage in Chicago and how they can make the best and most engaging retail display, they ask about what sort of terms other retailers have used in the past. While words are an effective way of communicating (i.e. a sign with the word “SALE!” on it gets the point across very quickly) printing professionals will stress that signs are not just about words.

Retailers have a number of tools at their disposal to encourage customers to take action. Images, for example, can have a huge impact on the retail experience of your customers. If you include images of the target market you are aiming for on your signs, you are far more likely to draw those individuals inside your store. It allows you to position yourself in the market while also increasing the number of sales you will make.

Educate Your Customers

Another effective strategy involving signage in Chicago is to educate your customers rather than “yell” at them with promotional signs. Let’s say you are a clothing retail store and you have a fresh shipment of clothing for autumn. If you put up a sign advertising the top 5 fall fashion trends in the store and have those items within your store, you will sell more – and you do not even need to put those items on sale. These customers do not care about the price; they care about being on-trend and looking fashionable.

Word-of-mouth Marketing That Goes Viral

Retailers have become inundated with online sales and inbound marketing strategies, when really the most effective type of marketing is still word-of-mouth marketing. With the right sign, expertly crafted by a professional printing company, in your store front, you will be able to position yourself in the market and tell people what you’re about and why you are exciting. Any one individual walking by may not be interested, but if your signs are engaging enough, they will be sure to keep you in mind for any friends, family and acquaintances.

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