Important Information from Mobile Home Insurance Companies in Austin TX

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Insurance

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Because of the unique construction and vulnerability to certain weather conditions, such as high winds, mobile homes don’t usually qualify for traditional insurance. Instead, a person will have to find and purchase a policy from Mobile Home Insurance Companies in Austin TX. However, before diving in and purchasing this coverage, it is best to learn more about what this insurance is and why it is necessary.

Modular vs. Mobile Homes

Both modular homes and mobile (or manufactured) homes are constructed in a factory setting, rather than on an actual construction site. When a mobile home is installed, it is put on a movable chassis and never include more than one level. A modular home can have several stories and usually sit on a foundation that is similar to traditional homes.

This important distinction between the two types of homes can affect a person’s insurance choices and needs. There are some Mobile Home Insurance Companies in Austin TX that may have a person insure a modular home with a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy, rather than mobile home insurance.

What is Covered by Mobile Home Insurance?

Standard mobile home insurance policies include coverage many types of physical damage. Some of the types of damages these policies cover are listed here.

* Lightning or fire damage

* The weight of snow or ice

* Explosions

* Stray or wild animal caused damage

* Falling objects

* Landslides

* Hail and wind

* Vandalism

* Burst pipes

When a person is choosing the limits for this type of coverage, they want to ensure there is enough to cover the cost of replacing the mobile home if it is ever completely destroyed.

Personal Property Coverage

When buying insurance, a person also needs to purchase coverage to cover the cost to replace the items they own if they are destroyed or stolen. In most cases, taking a home inventory of everything is best. This will ensure everything is accounted for if something happens.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by adequate mobile home coverage. Purchasing enough insurance will safeguard the investment that has been made. Additional help and information about insurance coverage for a mobile home can be found by contacting the staff at Perdue Insurance Group.

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