How Important is Pet Nail Maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD?

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Veterinarian

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Everyone knows about the benefits of pet grooming. In addition to the great smell and beautiful coat of fur, pets tend to come home a little happier after their appointments. But, there are several things that are often overlooked by pet owners wanting to give their furry friend an improved appearance. Some don’t realize that pet nail maintenance in Gaithersburg MD is something that should be taken care of at each and every grooming appointment.

Nails Constantly Grow

A person’s nails are constantly growing and often need to be trimmed before they get out of control. Pets’ nails also continue to grow and, over time, can become a problem. Before animals were domesticated, their nails would be worn down by some of the activities they would take on. Today, it’s up to the owners to keep up with pet nail maintenance in Gaithersburg MD.

Chipping and Breaking

What happens when a pet’s nails grow too long? Sometimes, the nails, when they come in contact with different surfaces, will chip and break. There are times when this happens and it isn’t a problem. It could just create an awkward feeling when a pet walks. However, there are other times when the nails chip and break and actually become painful for a pet. Once this happens, it isn’t unusual to need to take a pet to the vet to remedy the situation.

Change in Stance and Posture

If the nails continue to grow and aren’t trimmed, they can actually change the way a pet walks. Over time, the pet makes adjustments to accommodate nail growth. From there, the stance and walk become more of a habit. This can lead to bad posture. With pets, posture isn’t just about the way the pet looks when he or she walks. Instead, this is another issue that could end up leading to more medical problems.

Don’t underestimate the importance of nail trimming. Is it time for your pet to come in for nail maintenance? Are you noticing a loud clicking noise as your pet moves across the floor? Visit us online to learn more about the process and to set up an appointment as soon as possible.

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