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Improve Your Smile; Visit A Cosmetic Dentist

Improve Your Smile; Visit A Cosmetic Dentist Posted on October 31, 2016

Years ago the only people that could afford to enhance their looks through cosmetic dental procedures were the rich and famous. Today, there is no need for you to be a business mogul or an entertainer, cosmetic dentistry is now affordable to most people.

A cosmetic dentist in Chicago can employ a host of tools and techniques for improving the look of your teeth and improving one of your biggest assets; your smile.

There are a wide range of procedures; they range from teeth whitening, to implants to veneers. One of the most sought after cosmetic dental treatment is tooth whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

No matter how well you look after your teeth, as you age they will darken. This caused by such things as smoking tobacco products, drinking beverages such as red wine and coffee and taking certain prescription medications. This is caused not by staining the tooth surface which is the enamel, it is caused by staining the dentin; the second layer of a tooth.

Tooth enamel is actually porous; substances can actually penetrate the enamel and stain the dentin.

There are various methods that can be employed to whiten teeth. Some whitening treatments are available over the counter, however, if you are looking for the best results there is little doubt that you will get them from a cosmetic dentist in Chicago.


Teeth whitening will certainly result in brighter, whiter teeth but the process will not fix any minor surface imperfections, for that your cosmetic dentist will suggest the use of veneers.

Veneers are extremely thin slices of porcelain or a resin material that are shaped to adhere to the front of your teeth. Teeth that have small chips, slight surface cracks or wide gaps between them can be radically improved with veneers.

Teeth whitening and veneers are only two of the many procedures that can be carried out by a cosmetic dentist in Chicago. Talk to your dentist about the things that can be done to give you the smile you have long dreamt about.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, a cosmetic dentist in Chicago can change that. There are numerous cosmetic dental procedures that the dentist can employ to give you back your beautiful smile. You are invited to make an appointment with Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park.

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