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Insect Control in PA: What You Should Know about Bedbugs

Insect Control in PA: What You Should Know about Bedbugs Posted on January 8, 2019

These bugs are mostly found in bedding but live in the fabrics of most furniture, electrical outlets, and picture frames. They can also inhabit floorboards, luggage, and your belongings. Once they enter your home, it can be quite difficult to remove them unless you decide to refurnish your home with new furniture. Bedbugs are just one reason to seek Insect Control in PA.


A fast solution will not be applicable in the case of these pests. They repopulate in any season and can be immune to most insecticides. Especially if it has been overused and the house has been infested with a new colony of pests.

Keep unused items and foods in sealable containers away from the floor and out of their line of sight – or smell, per se. Their presence lingers only as long as the resources do, so be sure to keep your home open and not in a clutter that will invite them to stay. Also, cleaning your bedding and dusting your furniture on a regular basis will reduce the risk of them harboring in your home.

Hiding Place

Bed bugs can enter your house and home undetected via your clothing, luggage, couches, and used bedding. Their anatomical structure makes it ideal for them to slide through any type of fabric. Their flat bodies are the width of a business card.

They don’t nest like bees or ants but prefer to huddle into hiding places in a group. Mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and box springs are their initial hiding place where they can easily access their food source – you. However, over time they scatter throughout the bedroom, finding more protected areas to hide until night falls.


They are hard to see due to their maximum size being an apple seed, but signs of their fecal matter – poop – will be found along your floors or mattress or furniture. Like snakes, they can shed their casing and cast it before growing another. They also bite and cause small red swelling on the surface of your skin.

If you witness any signs of this, contact Insect Control in PA and have your home inspected. For more information about The-Beeman, click here.

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