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Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning Posted on May 25, 2020

It’s surprising how air conditioning systems have made our lives much more comfortable. But there aren’t a lot of things people know about the process. Here’s a rundown of a few interesting air conditioning facts for you:

It’s improved our quality of life.

Modern air conditioning in Palatine has made it possible for medical technology to take great strides. It’s played a significant role in prolonging human life as well as reducing the spread of diseases and germs, says L & L.

It was a 50s commercial success.

Sales skyrocketed in the 1950s. By the time 1953 rolled in, there were more than one million air conditioning systems that have been sold. Thirty-five years later, sales of these units more or less surpassed 6.2 million.

It kept offices open for business.

A lot of businesses and government offices actually closed down their businesses for the summer before air conditioning use become popular. That would have meant 2 to 3 months less of work every year.

Theaters were first in line.

One of the first businesses to use air conditioning systems were movie theaters. People would go to the theater to catch a movie and escape the summer heat. Theaters began to release crowd-pleasing flicks which started the tradition of “summer blockbusters.”

It caused a population boost in the south.

Before the use of air conditioning, most of the population was concentrated in the northeast portion of the United States. After it became a fixture in most homes and offices, populations began to boom in Arizona and Florida along with Texas. Today, about 60 percent of the country’s economic growth is from these states.

It affected architecture for years.

One of the most interesting air conditioning facts includes the way AC systems changed home architecture and designs. Instead of features that resulted in a cooling effect, homes could now do without high ceilings or breezeways, to name a few.

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