Interior Painters in Oak Park IL Tackle Wallpapered Walls

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Sometimes homeowners don’t like the wallpaper the previous owner had placed, or they grow tired of the wallpaper they had chosen many years ago. Interior Painters in Oak Park IL usually can paint right over that decorative surface without having to strip it away. For this to work, the paper has to be in good shape and not peeling away along the seams or elsewhere. Flaws such as holes and tears will show up after the paper is painted. The painters may want to wash the wallpaper first, especially if there’s any discoloration from tobacco smoke or smoke from a wood stove.

In some cases, Interior Painters in Oak Park IL may need to use an oil-based primer before painting over wallpaper, which homeowners may not like because of the strong odor. Another option involves having the paper removed with a steamer and then clearing away any adhesive residue. This can be a time-intensive job, especially if there is more than one layer of wallpaper. Afterward, the wall will probably need to be cleaned with a mild cleanser or just with vinegar and water. After it dries, it’s ready for the next step.

Sometimes only one wall in a room has wallpaper for a certain reason. For instance, there may have been a crack in the wall due to foundation settling, and wallpaper can cover that. When an addition is built onto the exterior of a house, wallpaper is a good idea for covering that previous exterior wall. In these cases, painters will probably want to leave the paper where it is and cover it with paint.

After the paper is painted over by professionals with an organization such as O’s Decorating & Painting, the room takes on a fresh new appearance. Homeowners can do this type of project themselves, but they may not achieve the excellent results they can expect from experienced painters. Using their skill, knowledge and specialized tools, those painters can provide a variety of paint textures in addition to the normal work. This can make for an intriguing look to the room compared with the typical smooth paint job common in homes.

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