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Is Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss, TX The New Way To go?

Is Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss, TX The New Way To go? Posted on January 2, 2019

Keys here and keys there. Lost or misplaced keys and stolen keys. Heavy key rings always in the way. Worry about who has keys for a home or a business. Worry about who has keys to a newly purchased property. Many people have concerns with the traditional, keyed locking system. Having an Electronic Access Control in Fort Bliss TX can be a better security option. Commercial and residential buildings can have electronic access control in Fort Bliss TX and have it synced with a top-notch security system.

Why Ditch The Keys?

Why consider a locking mechanism for doors that does not involve keys but electronics? Systems that involve not only doors but whole building security give the owners peace of mind. Only approved people have the current code to get into a building. This code can be punched into a keypad, swiped with a card, or even voice activated. Some advanced electronic entry systems even react to a fingerprint. There is no worry about lost or damaged keys. The people who need access do have to remember the code or hold on to their swipe card. The code can be changed when that becomes necessary.

Some lock systems come with both keypad and traditional keys option. Each property owner needs to decide what kind of home or commercial building access mechanism they want. Some people will continue to use traditional keys, while others will choose electronic options. In either case, when something goes wrong, they can still call a trustworthy company such as Pop-A-Lock for help.


In addition to buildings, vehicles must be locked for security purposes. Unlocked cars are easier to steal. But not everyone has a good memory where car keys are concerned. People get stressed and in a hurry. So, when the car door slams and locks, a person may find the key still inside the vehicle. Some lucky people have spare keys in their wallets or purses. Others must call a trusted locksmith to get the car opened. This can waste time and money. Newer cars may have keyfobs and voice-enabled locking systems. Problems can still happen, and even those electronic gadgets can be lost or stolen. Contact us for lock service information.

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