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Is Ozone for Swimming Pools Right for You?

Is Ozone for Swimming Pools Right for You? Posted on March 31, 2015

The use of ozone is common in commercial, city, municipal and private swimming pools. This is because there are a number of health benefits offered by using ozone for swimming pools, but the primary benefit offered by ozonated pool water is the comfort it provides. No more worrying about rashes, red eye, fading of your swimsuit and other common problems related to the use of chlorine in pools, even when chlorine is in use. Even if you have a pool that uses chloramine or chlorine, you can swim in the ozonated pool and avoid the discomfort and health issues related to the traditional chlorinated pool.

Chlorine Issues Minimized or Eliminated

When having a swimming pool installed, you should find a company that is dedicated to providing you with a healthy environment for swimming. Since the majority of regulations for swimming pools require a chlorine residual and if you have complied with this regulation, you may wonder why you should add ozone to your pool. There are several reasons to do this, including:

1. Reduction in the chlorine smell

2. Reduce or eliminate the gases that can eat the infrastructure of the pool

3. Prevent the formation of toxic byproducts

4. Reduce and prevent the chlorine off-gassing

5. Reduce or prevent chloramines

Benefits for Private Pools

When you install ozone for swimming pools at your private residence it will help to keep the water crystal clear. It also offers the same benefits as it does for commercial applications, such as a reduction in irritation, as well as a reduction in the strong chlorine smell. After all, the rashes, skin issues and red eye that occur are the way that your body tells you something is wrong and that you are in a toxic environment.

Ozone vs. Chlorine Systems

Even though swimming can improve your fitness and reduce asthma issues, there is some scientific information suggesting that there are a number of health related issues related to swimming in pool water that has been chemically treated. There is a good amount of research related to the fact that chloramines and chloroform can damage your respiratory epithelium and cause additional issues, which can cause inflammatory reactions.

With ozone for swimming pools, you can reduce all the issues associated with traditional chlorinated pools. This makes the pool safer and healthier for everyone who is using it. It is a viable option for all pools, residential, commercial and city.

If you have a pool, or have considered having one installed, you should consider the benefits offered by ozone for swimming pools. This pool treatment option can provide a number of health benefits and reduce issues that may come up related to traditional ozone.

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